Tarabusi Creek Phoenix Charcoal Scrub

Tarabusi Creek Phoenix Scrub

So, when the New Year began I decided I should take more time to look after my skin. I don’t have overly troublesome skin, I’m quite fair, and my skin can be oily around the ‘T’ zone but I am prone to the occasional break out.

My weekly routine includes exfoliating my whole body the day before I use a light self-tan. Moisturise when necessary! (Terrible I know!) if it ain’t broke don’t fix it right?! I always wanted to find a really good product for my skin, one that doesn’t cause me to break out or cause a reaction. But I always seemed to be bamboozled by the world of skincare products out there. So, to my delight, I found this aesthetically pleasing, gothic scrub from Tarabusi Creek, which just screamed my name from the moment I saw it!

Ive been really keen to try a black bath bomb or black scrub since they first became popular but none have lived up to their hype – until now!

The Phoenix Charcoal Scrub from Tarabusi Creek looked and smells devilishly good! I used it to exfoliate in the bath and to my surprise it turned my bath water pitch black!! Not grey, or misty, pure black!!!! To my mind, its’ scent has a mix of coconut and subtle aftershave, the kind of fragrance you just want to keep inhaling! And what scrub wouldn’t be complete with lots of gritty goodness to help wash away all those dead skin cells leaving you with non greasy, soft skin. It’s pasty texture makes it easy to spread over your skin and doesn’t thin out as you spread, literally covering you in creamy black goodness!

All of Tarabusi Creeks’ products are vegan friendly and made fresh

All of Tarabusi Creeks’ products are vegan friendly and made fresh so no product is more than a month old by the time it gets to the user, which in my case, I might add, didn’t take long at all. My Phoenix Charcoal Scrub cost $13.50 plus shipping which I thought was very reasonable since these are handmade and of such great quality.

My only complaint was the black tint to my bath afterwards! But not to worry, It washes out easily and either way, I’ve always wanted a black bath!

It still amazes me that your hands are full of black foam but when rinsed are squeaky clean!

Along with my Phoenix Charcoal Scrub, I received a bar of their Umbra Black Hand Soap which is a really nice addition to my already gothic guest bathroom! It still amazes me that your hands are full of black foam but when rinsed are squeaky clean! This soap, again, is vegan friendly, and costs $9.50 plus shipping.

Both of these products are suitable for oily and dry skin. They help remove toxins in the skin due to the charcoal ingredient. I’m now waiting patiently for a restock of the Enchanted Face Mask for anti-redness and irritated skin, since the Charcoal Scrub and Umbra Hand Soap were such a worthwhile purchase.

Corset style wet look pencil skirt

Lace Up Pencil Skirt from Coax Copenhagen

This stunning, corset-style Lace Up pencil skirt from Coax will really pull your strings!

With the Christmas festivities almost upon us and my annual gift shopping and festive preparations complete, I thought it only fair that I reward my efforts with a little Christmas treat. I had recently spotted a racy looking lace up pencil skirt by a company called Coax and having previously had a quick glance through their website, had made a mental note to browse further when I had a little more time.

Having browsed their full range of gorgeous products, I found myself clicking back to the same piece, a beautiful corset-style, lace up pencil skirt in faux leather with it’s edgy looking, lace up corset feature to the back.

I finally submitted to the devil on my shoulder and ordered a size M in the hope that it would fit my UK size 10 stats and look at least almost as good as the product image that inspired my purchase. Having parted with €115 for the privilege, I tried to deny my child-like impatience although secretly, I understood the agony of every small child waiting for Christmas morning!

I didn’t have long to suffer; my lace up pencil skirt purchase arrived six days later, despite the busy Christmas period, and was beautifully presented in a quality matte black box with matching black tissue paper inside.

Unwrapping my gift-to-self revealed a gorgeous, soft and slightly stretchy faux leather material, which felt gorgeous to touch and looked even better than I had hoped. I knew immediately, that the purchase price was entirely justified and I had made a smart investment.

Slipping the skirt over my hips confirmed exactly what the website described; it was indeed, painted on!

Slipping this fabulous lace up pencil skirt over my hips confirmed exactly what the website described; it was indeed, painted on! although in a very flattering way. The fabric clings in all the right places, smoothing out the curves, and streamlining the figure. The skirt is high waisted and extends slightly below the knee. I stand 5’7″ tall so when coupled with 4″ heels and pair of carefully selected tights or stockings, the overall look cuts an imposing figure, especially from the back.

Along with the zip and the stretchable fabric, the skirt is easy to slip into with the need to expand the corset strings at the back which makes it a practical piece of clothing although it’s probably not something you would choose for everyday wear.

There’s no denying, this garment makes you feel truly irresistible!

My most recent outing saw this beautiful piece paired with a black string top, pinstriped stockings, black patent heels and a cropped, suede jacket, all subtly accessorised with a simple black choker. There’s no denying, this garment makes you feel truly irresistible!

I can absolutely recommend a little self-indulgent shopping spree from Coax. The shipping is fast and efficient, the packaging is exquisite, the choice and style of their collection has something for everyone and the products are exactly as described. I can safely say your purchase from Coax certainly won’t disappoint.

So much so that I’ve already begun compiling my next wish list!

This stunning lace up pencil skirt is available from Coax. Coax is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and delivers worldwide. View their full range at www.coaxcopenhagen.com

Lace up corset-style faux leather pencil skirt
Lace-up faux leather skirt
Corset style wet look pencil skirt

Stud Styling & Customisation

For as far back as I can remember I have had an unrelenting passion for all things leather but, particularly so when combined with studs or spikes. Even the smallest cluster of decorative studs can add a distinct edge to a favourite jacket, bag, gloves, shoes,or a hat. In fact, just about any piece of clothing you care to customise! These shiny silver embellishments contrast so beautifully with the sexy and sophisticated black leather and work so well with my alternative taste in fashion and clothing.

Any fashion item you care to imagine, whether it’s a jacket, dress, pants or whatever else takes your fancy, can be tastefully embellished with silver, gold or matte black studded decor. Add chains, clasps and a carefully thought out design and you have a truly unique piece of clothing that will really make a statement.I have made many attempts to customise some of my favourite leather garments with studs and spikes of all shapes and sizes but, alas, my patience ran out as quickly as the available funds on my credit card and I made such a mess of my items, they were fit only for the bin!

You can imagine my delight then, on finding @stud.and.spike.lab while trawling for inspiration on Instagram. They add studs, chains and spikes to whatever piece of clothing your heart desires and the design is entirely up to you, so you’re free to be as outrageous or as subtle as you wish.

You can send your carefully chosen product and ship it off wherever in the world you are or you can request a product to be bought and embellished completely by them. I would advise make sure your item fits well before customising. Stud and Spike Lab charge $35 per hour for customising a garment of your choice which includes all design and labour, the hardware is charged as extra according to what’s required to complete the piece. You can also request a quotation before your item for customisation so there’s no surprises when your order is complete. The quality of their work and design is second to none. They really have an eye for punk design and know what looks good, nothing worse than ill-placed studs, they can just end up looking out of place.

Apart from a wide range of studs and spikes, you can specify any of a number of logos and emblems for inclusion in your garment design. Imagine batman, superman or a whole host of other funky emblems or personal designs and let Stud and Spike Lab work their magic! I have seen them create some truly unique items such as customised Converse trainers, a funky leather rave bra, a leather hip satchel and a denim dress to name but a few.

So I say to all you fashion trend-setters out there, go dig out that leather jacket that you’d thought has seen its better days, or how about those ankle boots you thought you would never wear again but can’t bare to part with, and have them reborn with Stud and Spike Lab!

If you still need convincing, just check out some of these amazing pieces of work below, be inspired and breathe new life into those favourite pieces of clothing you thought would never see the light of day again!

Stud and spike lab customise any piece of clothing with any design you can imagine. They ship worldwide and will even source the clothing for you and ship your finished garment anywhere in the world. What are you waiting for?!

Ladies retro style fashion sunglasses

Bad Bish Rags Sunglasses

These Ladies Fashion Sunglasses are a perfect blend of retro style and quirky individuality

If you are anything like as pedantic as I am for detail, you’ll already know that finding a quality pair of fashion sunglasses that perfectly fit your particular style can be a monumental task! Most of the ones I find have lenses incorrectly sized for my face, lenses that are too close to my eyelashes or with arms that are too tight and cause my temples to hurt. Still, I always love browsing the sunglasses racks at every opportunity. I’m a pushover for classics such as Rayban wayfarers, aviators or any of the larger framed sunglasses, the smaller ones, I find, just look too small for my face.

Recently, while perusing one of my favourite accessories websites, badbishrags.com where I usually find the coolest and trendiest pieces to add to my Aladdin’s cave, I came across the most awesome looking shades! At only £9 I thought ‘hey, what the heck, worth a shot at that price’ and promptly added them to my already overflowing basket. My new fashion sunglasses arrived surprising quickly, well packaged (in a shiny pink bubble wrap bag might I add!) and to my complete surprise, even more awesome then I could have imagined for such a small outlay! I couldn’t believe the quality of my new shades, for something that cost less then a coffee and a sandwich! I would definitely have expected to pay a lot more for these little beauties, and would have been more than happy to.

Wire framed with a neatly exposed screw head detail, These bad boys consist of circular, mirrored lenses with an almost ‘goggle’ type effect at either side in leather and with matching chrome arms. They look amazing with my hair tied up and finish all my black outfits off to perfection. The lenses are totally mirrored, you can see nothing through the other side of the lens other than your reflection, which I love. They are really comfortable to wear and look über fashionable.

These little gems are appropriately named the ‘Stop Bugging Me’ Bish Blinker Sunglasses and can be purchased for the paltry sum of £9 (that’s before any discount, enter ROCKBITCH at checkout for 10% off) right here at badbishrags.com. Trust me, You won’t be disappointed!

www.badbishrags.com also have amazing quirky and alternative jewellery, clothing, fashion sunglasses, accessories and lots more. Look out for their fabulous range of alternative garters for something a little different and fabulously sexy. So reasonably priced (Enter discount code ROCKBITCH at checkout for even better prices) and ultra cool looking!

Ladies wire framed, mirrored fashion sunglasses
retro style fashion sunglasses from badbishrags.com


How to wear harnesses

Accessorising can be tedious at times and if you’re not a pro can be bamboozeling when it comes to choosing the right jewellery, bag, hat, you name it, to go with an outfit. I like to stick to what I’m comfortable with and what I know suits me. For instance, black nails – check, 1-2 silver rings – check, small stud earrings or thin simple long earrings – check, and maybe sunglasses if the weather is good. I do occasionally love a chain with crosses if I have the right outfit on.

However, lately I have stumbled across a whole new world of basic, multi-choice, accessorising in harnesses. Now before I scare you away these are for the faint hearted and not just for the sexy lady who likes to spice things up in the bedroom! Oh no my friend, these handy leather adjustable beauties with a fetish twist are the new must have for any girl who dares to wear. I found some fabulous harnesses on tealecoco.com and most of their products are so easily adjusted to not only wear around your waist, they can be interchanged, strapped and looped to your hearts content. Some other brilliant harnesses are on rebelcircus.com and nastygal.com.

I have added a couple of simple looks below to get you started. The easiest outfit I can recommend is your favourite denim fitted jeans, a loose white shirt and a harness around your waist and over your shoulders to add shape, mystery and down right fashion.

Of course, we all know where it was born, and donning your favourite lingerie with your new harness will not go unnoticed!

Then there’s hand harnesses for a leather jewellery look, leg harnesses, a simple leather choker, or even a high waisted leather garter belt harness for when you’re feeling courageous!

All these options will have you feeling feminine, sexy, confident and a little bit naughty!

gothic corset in black leather and crimson velvet with collar

Gothic Corset

I’m an avid fan of corsets, as you can probably tell if you follow my Instagram or have read my blog before. They are so feminine but still sexy and when I’m wearing one I feel irrestible, well shaped and not so conscious of my body, instead a little more confident of my curves and enhanced bust.

I even love corset inspired clothing and accessories I’ve seen, like fingerless gloves, jackets, skirts and even laced up leather trousers (amazing by the way and I found a gorgeous pair from Kate’s Clothing – but that’s for another day!)

I have a few favourite corsets of course but I love any excuse to wear a dark, figure-hugging, laced up corset on a night out. I have a few here, from the plain leather to gothic styles to suit all mysterious ladies’ style. I love how they can be worn with simple black jeans and a leather jacket, a pleated mini skirt or even just a pair of fabulous fishnets and to-die-for heels! These ones I have chosen to share with you are a small selection of what’s available out there but I just adore the style and material of them, plus the prices are so reasonable I couldn’t give up an opportunity to share with you!

so firstly I would highly recommend, the divinely sexy, Violet Vixen website. You’ll find everything gothic, burlesque, steampunk and sassy you need right here. They specialise in corsets and get it just right every time. I love their Gothic, Leather and Overbust ranges. There you’ll find the Aggressive Assassin Black corset, which I have featured below. It’s amazingly designed to enhance the streamlined look of your torso with the metal grommets down the front of the basque, a centred belt, chains hung either side of your belly button and laced up the side, to accent your perfectly shaped curves. It also has two spiral steel bones over the bust for that extra lift! To add to the good news, Violet Vixen also add a free pair of stockings to any corset order so that might entice you a little more (as if you needed more encouragement!)

also in Violet Vixen you’ll find the Black Embrace Vegan Leather Overbust corset for the most elegant, subtle but sultry of ladies. the Caged Heart Crusher corset is available in red, blue, silver, purple and black and is by far my ultimate favourite. I would recommend this one for the girls who want to make a statement! the choker piece is simply gorgeous on its own and very much on trend right now too.

lastly from Violet Vixen theres a gold enfused, leather wrapped Magic Black Corset which has to be seen to be believed! i love this one because its a happy medium- meaning it can be perfectly suited to ripped black jeans or a skirt easily and whatever the weather. its zipped up front and laced back ensures a perfect fit while the detailed metal clasped front shows you to be a seductive female while still a fearless warrior. this one is not to be messed with!

So that about wraps up my night out corsets, hope you enjoyed this one and if so, I have another Night time corset post coming very soon, stay tuned!

gothic corset in black leather and crimson velvet with collar
ladies corset in black leather
Black leather corset with bronze metal studs and clasps
Black leather corset with solver chains and metal ring detail
Studded leather corset on tattooed model
Blonde model wearing a little black dress

The Little Black Dress

Accessorising the ‘lITTLE bLACK dRESS’, Every Girls Wardrobe Essential

Whether you’re an ‘LBD’ diehard, an occasional wearer or even a total newbie to the concept, the proverbial ‘Little Black Dress’ is every girl’s wardrobe essential. I have a closet full of LBD’s, probably more than I will ever get to wear but I honestly can’t resist, and you can never really have too much choice when it comes to picking the perfect outfit for a night out. It’s not by accident that the little black dress is a fashion favourite of women from all corners of the globe. They are easy to wear, always look the part, and you can dress them up or down according to you event. They never fail to flatter no matter what your figure or body type and being black, they are always very forgiving when it comes to making the most of your figure. So being a devoted fan of the LBD look I’d love to share with you my accessorising tips for your next ‘Little Black Dress’ occasion.

To begin, there’s a few simple things to consider; what style and shape is your dress? Is it strapless, halterneck, one shoulder? what length are you going for? and the fabric? What type of event are you going to, a daytime event or a classy, evening affair? In the spirit of the little black dress look, let’s keep things simple and start from the beginning.

#The skater, pleated or flowing dress

If your dress is a skater, pleated, or flowing type day dress, add decorative funky tights or stockings.If it’s a winter or autumn day and the weather is chilly, pair it with ankle boots and a cropped jacket. Accessorise with some jewellery, match a watch or simple bracelet and maybe a pair of stud earrings or these great long skull earrings and some trendy sunglasses. Statement necklaces can add a great touch to a daytime LBD too, especially if it’s a low cut dress or a very simple style and you want to dress it up.

#Formal or Fitted

If your dress is a formal fitted knee length LBD, it will usually have capped sleeves or straps and generally won’t be very low-cut across the bust, so you’ll need a simple, delicate chain with a small pendant, Add a tasteful pair of diamond or pearl stud earrings, and medium heeled courts. This is your office or formal LBD look and can look as good as evening wear if you choose the right fit for your figure. I have a gorgeous one from Zara.com that I wear with tights when it’s cold and either heels or my shoespie knee- high boots.

#The Nighttime LBD

And now for the really fun part, The nighttime LBD! If you have a knee-length strapless LBD, like my velvet one from H&M, pair it with long earrings something like the ones below, or even a single, long, decorative statement earring, patent black high stilettos, clutch bag and perhaps a cashmere shawl. To add a touch of mystery, match your ensemble with a pair of cropped leather gloves like the ones featured from matsugloves.com

#The Strappy LBD

For the strappy LBD, like this one from axparis.com, you could add a gold, or silver and black thick bracelet for a touch of drama, like the one below from staticjewellery.com, some strappy sandles would be perfect with this, or try these pointed bow ankle strap stilettos from ustrendy.com. I wear my hair loose and flowing with an outfit like this.

#The halterneck LBD

If you have a halterneck LBD, like this gorgeous velvet dress from missguided, you are going to need a statement piece such as a bracelet, clutch or chain strap bag and really high stilettos which will elongate those pins. Pair it with some fabulously daring earrings and you are ready for your dazzle your audience a really classy and feminine look!

#The Strapless Leather LBD

Finally, one of my all-time favourites, a strapless, black leather dress. Nothing beats a dress like this in my opinion! Add a silver or gold bangle, or a thick leather bracelet for more of a rock-chick persona. Choose a really good choker, this is a must-have for your jewellery collection. I have a velvet one from jujugoddessjewels.com with a rose in the centre and I absolutely adore it. Looks amazing and is even sweeter to think it only cost me $10! – amazing value for what it is.
To complete this outfit, perch yourself upon some killer, rocker heels! Think Iron Fist; Something with studs, zips or even a metal heel!
You can find really funky don’t-mess-with-me heels on hadesfootwear.com, heels that say ‘yes, I’ve arrived and I mean business!’
I also love to wear a quiff in my hair with my leather strapless dress, it really complements the outfit and completes the look perfectly.

Black Wedding Dress

All little girls dream of their special day with sparkling diamonds, horse drawn carriages and of course their very own prince or princess charming. But the epicentre of their dream wedding day is the perfect wedding dress. Either luxurious soft flowing silk, layers of voluptuous tulle, or perfectly couture satin, every bride goes on the search for the perfect wedding gown.

I wondered, was it common, instead of the classic white, Ivory or cream, to chose a coloured or even black dress. I asked a few female family members who, to my utter amazement, told me my Aunty chose an electric blue dress for her big day. I began my search for the perfect black wedding dress.

I found a couple of designers to be notorious for releasing amazing black wedding dresses in their Fall collections every year, one being Vera Wang. Her style is elegant, flamboyant and very much influential in the wedding gown world. She tears up the bridal rule book and rewrites it. She has some uber successful brides under her belt, namely Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian to name but a few. Her gowns do come at a price but you receive so much more than a dress. Being part of an elite collection of brides who dare to be different.

My favourite black wedding dresses are featured below and ooze class, elegance and uniqueness. I love strapless, well-fitted, long gowns generally with a fish tail, in the wedding world known as the Mermaid and Sheath shape. These generally suit long slender figures and some hour glass figures if you’re not afraid to show off your curves. I’m not a big fan of the A-line or Trumpet shape dress, they are a bit too fussy for my liking but each to their own. The ball gown dress can be beautiful especially if it’s strapless as you can see from the Vera Wang ball gown wedding dress below, it’s simple but very special. All these, of course, can be modified in any way and created in your colour preference.

I don’t think there is any particular shape or complexion that favours black wedding dresses. It’s more about how it makes you feel as a woman. Ask yourself do you feel like a bride? Is the fabric comfortable? Is the dress flattering to your figure? Does the colour make you look washed out or does it make you glow with pride?

So, my conclusion is, whether white, ivory, black or even mint green, choose from the heart, which one screams your name, in colour and in style. Choose the show-stopping gown personalised to you. This is your day and everyone is gathered to celebrate your new life with your chosen partner, and why not chose your dress the same way, perfectly matched to you. Dare to be different

Lady in black lace corset

‘Lovely in Lace’ Satin & Lace Corset

It’s true to say that most, if not all women love to buy and wear really good quality, sexy lingerie. Theres nothing quite like that feeling you get when slipping into your sexiest ensemble of bows and lace, the way it makes you feel inside and the mischievous glow you radiate when you know you’re wearing something cheeky underneath. For a lot of women though, the cost of purchasing a sexy lace corset or really great quality lingerie means its an indulgence we have to do without most of the time, save for special occasions or when you feel like splashing out. Having said that, in my quest to feel like an inner goddess, I occasionally uncover some little online gems where you can easily find that exquisite corset or luxurious lingerie set you’ve been denying yourself for too long – feeling like a goddess underneath doesn’t have to break the bank after all.

When it comes to spending hours online perusing online shops and lingerie websites I have to confess – I am guilty as charged. Even a quick glance at the endless pages of sexy lingerie and the myriad of options for colours, styles and fabrics sets my pulse racing and usually ends in a shopping cart full of items even when I had no intentions of shopping for yet more lingerie. And so ensues, the almost painful process of removing the items I will have to learn to love and leave, only to return another day to repeat the same process when my credit card has sufficiently recovered!

It was a great relief to recently discover a huge range of everything sexy, feminine and down-right ‘feel good’ underwear from yandy.com, where all of their lingerie is reasonably priced, of fantastic quality and most importantly, far better suited to my budget.

Yandy.com stocks everything from bras to stockings, thongs, g-strings, masquerade masks, clubwear, wigs and everything in between. All of which are available in every size, colour and material you could wish for, so there’s no excuse for not putting together an outfit that will make you look and feel as glamorous and sexy as you dare!

The prices on Yandy.com are very reasonable and seriously good value in my experience, judging by my purchases so far, the most recent being the ‘Lovely in Lace Corset’ from the extensive range of corsets currently available.

For some time I had been on the look out for a black corset to wear under a figure hugging, formal day dress over a pair of black hold up stockings. It wasn’t difficult to find more than a few corsets on various websites that interested me and suited the outfit I was planning on wearing it with but I was unconvinced, and hesitant to take a chance on ordering since the prices were quite expensive in most cases and to my mind, not worth taking the chance on given that I couldn’t try them on first.
Being a size 8 and of otherwise modest proportions, well tailored corsets that fit comfortably and enhance my figure rather than draw attention to the bits I am trying to hide can be very difficult to find. And so, I was relieved to find the ‘Lovely in Lace’ corset for only $56.95 on Yandy.com and carefully reviewed the images, descriptions and customer comments in the hope that my search was over.

I ordered, and Yandy delivered!-in every respect. My gorgeous, lace and satin corset arrived in a gift bag delicately lined with soft tissue paper, folded neatly as to not bend the bones and with the added bonus of a free gift enclosed, in my case a cute, black lace thong with a cute bow detail to the front. I was so apprehensive putting it on as I have so often been disappointed but was delighed to find, on wearing it for the first time, it didn’t ‘gape’ around the bust, the ribs and clasps didn’t pinch or poke me when I moved and the overall fit was one I could comfortably wear all night. The ‘Lovely in Lace’ corset is a black, wire boned, beautiful satin and lace corset with adjustable and removable straps. It perfectly hugs my figure so elegantly extends just below my hips, with an adjustable garter belt attached. It’s fastened with eye and hook clasps all the way up the front and is laced up the back which makes the whole corset easily adjustable to any body size or shape.

This particular lace corset comes in sizes small, medium, large, XL and plus, so you are sure to find a size the fits your figure perfectly, particularly given the amount of adjustments you can make once the garment is on. I ordered size small and couldn’t be happier with the overall fitting once I had spent a bit of time adjusting everything to my particular body shape. It would even be suitable for a size 10 figure because of the laced up back. It makes my figure look and feel more streamlined and toned, elongating my torso and almost sculpting my hips to a perfect curve. The satin part from the rib cage down makes your stomach appear flawlessly flat. It took a bit of effort and experimanting with adjustments to acheive the perfect form but I have worn it on numerous ocassions now under a lot of different outfits, from formal evening wear to more casual, every-day outfits and I can’t express how amazing and irresistible I feel every time! Perfect for a night out, no matter what the ocassion, and, I find, even better for a night in 😉

Ladies black leather thigh boots from Arollo.net

Thigh Boots from Arollo

Sophisticated and sexy, these leather thigh boots are fit for a queen

Thigh boots have always been one of my favourite fashion statements and form an extensive part of my footwear and boots collection. Currently, I am the proud keeper of 19 fabulous pairs of thigh-highs in a variety of styles, finishes and luxurious materials, but, without exception, always in black! These featured boots are my most recent acquisition, a fabulous pair of thigh-high boots from Arollo. This pair I received as a gift – I dare say, I couldn’t have chosen better myself.

Selected carefully to suit my somewhat quirky style, they come from Arollo’s aptly named ‘Queen’ range. They are a full leather boot consisting of a cream leather sole with hand-stitched, matching cream trim perched gracefully atop a 5″ heel. They have a rounded toe and deliver a really comfortable fit for such a high boot.
As I have mentioned in a previous post, my lower legs and thighs are not quite as slender as I would like to imagine, but these boots fit my legs exceptionally well and create a gorgeous, elongated and perfectly toned look to my legs, filling me with a sense of confidence and sexiness the moment I slip them on.

I have to admit, the uppers have a tendency to droop slightly as I walk, making it necessary to adjust them frequently, although it’s rarely a cause for any real inconvenience on a night out. They reach a little beyond the half way point up my thighs when worn over stockings or tights, and when worn over skinny jeans, reach an inch or two lower, but always sufficiently high above the knee that the overall look is never compromised.

At €340 (about $380), they are not exactly low-cost, but, to my mind, thigh boots of this kind of quality are well worth the investment. Arollo Boots are based in Austria and you will need to pay for shipping on top of the purchase price. My boots took less than a week to arrive and came nicely packaged in a flat boot box. The service provided by Arollo boots was second to none and I was particularly impressed when I received a follow up email some days after the boots had arrived, checking that all was well and I was happy with my new footwear. I haven’t yet had many occassions to wear these boots out but, with a music event coming up soon, I have in mind to try them over plain black tights under a black dress, a cropped leather jacket and perhaps a statement piece of silver neckwear.

You are sure to find a style to match your taste and even if you find some of the images on their site just a little risque, I find that only serves to inspire!

Arollo Boots have a great selection of thigh boots to choose from, check out their website arollothighboots.com or Instagram feed for style inspiration. You are sure to find a style to match your taste and even if you find some of the images on their site just a little risque, I find that only serves to inspire! Thigh-high boots can be much more than a fashion statement after all.

These are indeed, beautifully styled and well made leather boots and it’s really all about how you choose to wear them. Dress them well and you’ll be filled with a sense of style and confident sexiness that makes you look like you’ve just stepped off a catwalk.

I would rate these particular boots 4.5 out of 5 as I love the style, quality and how they make me feel when I wear them, though I’d love if they were a little easier to keep in place without the need to keep pulling them up. But hey, maybe I should just spend more gym time working on my thighs

Check out Arollo.net – Online shop for over the knee, high heel leather boots.