Ladies leather biker style knee boots worn by Miss Black Sole

Leather Boots from Shoespie

Every year, just as I do with gloves, I treat myself to a stylish new pair of black knee length leather boots from the newly arrived Winter stock. I have to confess to owning more than 30 pairs of knee-length boots alone, and that’s having done a recent clear out! But hey, who’s counting eh?
My shop of choice varies depending on what takes my fancy as I like go for the style I like rather than stick to any particular brand. For the past two years, I’ve bought my boots from
Two seasons ago, I invested in a gorgeous pair of the Graceful PU Upper Stiletto Heels in black leather. I so loved the fit, shape and heel, I bought a similar pair the following year called Gentlewomanly Patchwork Side Zipper Knee-High Boots. You can get these from the same place.
I paid $85 (approx €76 or stg£58) with free delivery when spending more $79. Delivery took 17 working days, a little slow but well worth the wait. Keep this in mind if you are buying from for an upcoming occasion, plan well in advance to allow for delivery.

My new boots arrived in a large box, lying flat and stuffed to hold their shape.

Lined with a luxurious cream fleece, they are warm and so very comfortable. They heels are quite high, 4″ to be exact

Lined with a luxurious cream fleece, they are warm and so very comfortable. They heels are quite high, 4″ to be exact, with no front platform so your foot is at a steep angle but if you’re anything like me you’ll learn to love them. I tend to prefer not having the platform because I can at least, feel the ground beneath me plus, in my opinion, they look a whole lot better this way!

The uppers are in full black leather with a cream leather sole. I tend to wear through all my heels quite quickly no matter the brand, usually only lasting 3 or 4 months before I have to get them re-heeled, but having said that, I wear these boots 5 days a week! All in all, the sole is really durable though.

I love the ‘biker’ look when it comes to leather boots, in flats or heels, it works for me in either style. These particular ones have a fabulous ‘Ribbed’ effect all the way up the shaft of the boot, with two zips and two buckles for added detail. I stand 5ft 8″ tall and don’t have the most slender of shins but these boots fit me particularly well. They are closed using a zip on the inside leg and have a semi-pointed toe allowing plenty of room for my foot to stay comfortable without crushing my toes.

I wear these leather boots mostly with skirts and dresses over plain tights or stockings. I have, on occasion, worn them over skinny jeans with a white shirt and a peplum leather jacket from, and this worked really well, but I tend to prefer them with skirts.

I would rate the purchase of these particular boots 4 out of 5 stars, mainly due to the lengthy delivery time, although I can’t fault the boots themselves. Highest quality, comfortable fit and excellent value for money.
One of my favourite pairs in my collection.
Check out for for of the same fabulous knee length boots. They have regular sales offering up to 70% off knee high boots, and even more off shoes and bags. As if we ever need an excuse to buy more boots!
Matsu ladies leather gloves worn by Miss Black Sole

Winter Gloves

My love of gloves began as a young teen on seeing a lady driving one of my favourite sports cars, a beautiful, 3 series BMW convertible ,in my beloved black of course. She was wearing a pair of black leather driving gloves and stylish sunglasses. She looked truly gorgeous and very confident.

Soon after, I bought myself a lovely black pair of driving gloves with accenting cream trim, although I was still missing the sports car!

Since then, every year when the winter evenings are beginning to close in, I go hunting for the seasons must-have gloves. This year I found Matsu Gloves online. I wasted no time in ordering the Women’s Half-Palm Lambskin Leather Driving Gloves for $23.99. Not expecting much, because of the low prices, I was happily surprised when they arrived.

Firstly the packaging was so pretty on its own. A silver chrome folded holder, with a matte black business card enclosed with my gloves. Really attractive and exciting to all women I’d imagine!

The gloves are a perfect fit. I chose cropped gloves which I’ve never had before, I usually go for long and detailed ones. I ordered size small even though I have long fingers I have quite slender hands. They are fleece lined so very warm and comfortable. Not bulky leather or badly stitched at all, which I really don’t like when it comes to gloves. They have been worn a lot, by which I mean 4 times a week since last October and have stood the test of time and general wear and tear really well. Since then I have ordered presents of gloves from Matsu for my boyfriend, friends, myself and, most recently my Instagram competition winner.

I have found you can customise and create any gloves! I have to give 5 stars to Matsu Gloves. Quick delivery, extra reasonably priced, cannot fault their fabulous products and uber cool packaging. I want the whole glove-loving world to know about them!