Ladies black leather thigh boots from

Thigh Boots from Arollo

Sophisticated and sexy, these leather thigh boots are fit for a queen

Thigh boots have always been one of my favourite fashion statements and form an extensive part of my footwear and boots collection. Currently, I am the proud keeper of 19 fabulous pairs of thigh-highs in a variety of styles, finishes and luxurious materials, but, without exception, always in black! These featured boots are my most recent acquisition, a fabulous pair of thigh-high boots from Arollo. This pair I received as a gift – I dare say, I couldn’t have chosen better myself.

Selected carefully to suit my somewhat quirky style, they come from Arollo’s aptly named ‘Queen’ range. They are a full leather boot consisting of a cream leather sole with hand-stitched, matching cream trim perched gracefully atop a 5″ heel. They have a rounded toe and deliver a really comfortable fit for such a high boot.
As I have mentioned in a previous post, my lower legs and thighs are not quite as slender as I would like to imagine, but these boots fit my legs exceptionally well and create a gorgeous, elongated and perfectly toned look to my legs, filling me with a sense of confidence and sexiness the moment I slip them on.

I have to admit, the uppers have a tendency to droop slightly as I walk, making it necessary to adjust them frequently, although it’s rarely a cause for any real inconvenience on a night out. They reach a little beyond the half way point up my thighs when worn over stockings or tights, and when worn over skinny jeans, reach an inch or two lower, but always sufficiently high above the knee that the overall look is never compromised.

At €340 (about $380), they are not exactly low-cost, but, to my mind, thigh boots of this kind of quality are well worth the investment. Arollo Boots are based in Austria and you will need to pay for shipping on top of the purchase price. My boots took less than a week to arrive and came nicely packaged in a flat boot box. The service provided by Arollo boots was second to none and I was particularly impressed when I received a follow up email some days after the boots had arrived, checking that all was well and I was happy with my new footwear. I haven’t yet had many occassions to wear these boots out but, with a music event coming up soon, I have in mind to try them over plain black tights under a black dress, a cropped leather jacket and perhaps a statement piece of silver neckwear.

You are sure to find a style to match your taste and even if you find some of the images on their site just a little risque, I find that only serves to inspire!

Arollo Boots have a great selection of thigh boots to choose from, check out their website or Instagram feed for style inspiration. You are sure to find a style to match your taste and even if you find some of the images on their site just a little risque, I find that only serves to inspire! Thigh-high boots can be much more than a fashion statement after all.

These are indeed, beautifully styled and well made leather boots and it’s really all about how you choose to wear them. Dress them well and you’ll be filled with a sense of style and confident sexiness that makes you look like you’ve just stepped off a catwalk.

I would rate these particular boots 4.5 out of 5 as I love the style, quality and how they make me feel when I wear them, though I’d love if they were a little easier to keep in place without the need to keep pulling them up. But hey, maybe I should just spend more gym time working on my thighs

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Ladies leather biker style knee boots worn by Miss Black Sole

Leather Boots from Shoespie

Every year, just as I do with gloves, I treat myself to a stylish new pair of black knee length leather boots from the newly arrived Winter stock. I have to confess to owning more than 30 pairs of knee-length boots alone, and that’s having done a recent clear out! But hey, who’s counting eh?
My shop of choice varies depending on what takes my fancy as I like go for the style I like rather than stick to any particular brand. For the past two years, I’ve bought my boots from
Two seasons ago, I invested in a gorgeous pair of the Graceful PU Upper Stiletto Heels in black leather. I so loved the fit, shape and heel, I bought a similar pair the following year called Gentlewomanly Patchwork Side Zipper Knee-High Boots. You can get these from the same place.
I paid $85 (approx €76 or stg£58) with free delivery when spending more $79. Delivery took 17 working days, a little slow but well worth the wait. Keep this in mind if you are buying from for an upcoming occasion, plan well in advance to allow for delivery.

My new boots arrived in a large box, lying flat and stuffed to hold their shape.

Lined with a luxurious cream fleece, they are warm and so very comfortable. They heels are quite high, 4″ to be exact

Lined with a luxurious cream fleece, they are warm and so very comfortable. They heels are quite high, 4″ to be exact, with no front platform so your foot is at a steep angle but if you’re anything like me you’ll learn to love them. I tend to prefer not having the platform because I can at least, feel the ground beneath me plus, in my opinion, they look a whole lot better this way!

The uppers are in full black leather with a cream leather sole. I tend to wear through all my heels quite quickly no matter the brand, usually only lasting 3 or 4 months before I have to get them re-heeled, but having said that, I wear these boots 5 days a week! All in all, the sole is really durable though.

I love the ‘biker’ look when it comes to leather boots, in flats or heels, it works for me in either style. These particular ones have a fabulous ‘Ribbed’ effect all the way up the shaft of the boot, with two zips and two buckles for added detail. I stand 5ft 8″ tall and don’t have the most slender of shins but these boots fit me particularly well. They are closed using a zip on the inside leg and have a semi-pointed toe allowing plenty of room for my foot to stay comfortable without crushing my toes.

I wear these leather boots mostly with skirts and dresses over plain tights or stockings. I have, on occasion, worn them over skinny jeans with a white shirt and a peplum leather jacket from, and this worked really well, but I tend to prefer them with skirts.

I would rate the purchase of these particular boots 4 out of 5 stars, mainly due to the lengthy delivery time, although I can’t fault the boots themselves. Highest quality, comfortable fit and excellent value for money.
One of my favourite pairs in my collection.
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