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For as far back as I can remember I have had an unrelenting passion for all things leather but, particularly so when combined with studs or spikes. Even the smallest cluster of decorative studs can add a distinct edge to a favourite jacket, bag, gloves, shoes,or a hat. In fact, just about any piece of clothing you care to customise! These shiny silver embellishments contrast so beautifully with the sexy and sophisticated black leather and work so well with my alternative taste in fashion and clothing.

Any fashion item you care to imagine, whether it’s a jacket, dress, pants or whatever else takes your fancy, can be tastefully embellished with silver, gold or matte black studded decor. Add chains, clasps and a carefully thought out design and you have a truly unique piece of clothing that will really make a statement.I have made many attempts to customise some of my favourite leather garments with studs and spikes of all shapes and sizes but, alas, my patience ran out as quickly as the available funds on my credit card and I made such a mess of my items, they were fit only for the bin!

You can imagine my delight then, on finding @stud.and.spike.lab while trawling for inspiration on Instagram. They add studs, chains and spikes to whatever piece of clothing your heart desires and the design is entirely up to you, so you’re free to be as outrageous or as subtle as you wish.

You can send your carefully chosen product and ship it off wherever in the world you are or you can request a product to be bought and embellished completely by them. I would advise make sure your item fits well before customising. Stud and Spike Lab charge $35 per hour for customising a garment of your choice which includes all design and labour, the hardware is charged as extra according to what’s required to complete the piece. You can also request a quotation before your item for customisation so there’s no surprises when your order is complete. The quality of their work and design is second to none. They really have an eye for punk design and know what looks good, nothing worse than ill-placed studs, they can just end up looking out of place.

Apart from a wide range of studs and spikes, you can specify any of a number of logos and emblems for inclusion in your garment design. Imagine batman, superman or a whole host of other funky emblems or personal designs and let Stud and Spike Lab work their magic! I have seen them create some truly unique items such as customised Converse trainers, a funky leather rave bra, a leather hip satchel and a denim dress to name but a few.

So I say to all you fashion trend-setters out there, go dig out that leather jacket that you’d thought has seen its better days, or how about those ankle boots you thought you would never wear again but can’t bare to part with, and have them reborn with Stud and Spike Lab!

If you still need convincing, just check out some of these amazing pieces of work below, be inspired and breathe new life into those favourite pieces of clothing you thought would never see the light of day again!

Stud and spike lab customise any piece of clothing with any design you can imagine. They ship worldwide and will even source the clothing for you and ship your finished garment anywhere in the world. What are you waiting for?!

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