Lady in black lace corset

‘Lovely in Lace’ Satin & Lace Corset

It’s true to say that most, if not all women love to buy and wear really good quality, sexy lingerie. Theres nothing quite like that feeling you get when slipping into your sexiest ensemble of bows and lace, the way it makes you feel inside and the mischievous glow you radiate when you know you’re wearing something cheeky underneath. For a lot of women though, the cost of purchasing a sexy lace corset or really great quality lingerie means its an indulgence we have to do without most of the time, save for special occasions or when you feel like splashing out. Having said that, in my quest to feel like an inner goddess, I occasionally uncover some little online gems where you can easily find that exquisite corset or luxurious lingerie set you’ve been denying yourself for too long – feeling like a goddess underneath doesn’t have to break the bank after all.

When it comes to spending hours online perusing online shops and lingerie websites I have to confess – I am guilty as charged. Even a quick glance at the endless pages of sexy lingerie and the myriad of options for colours, styles and fabrics sets my pulse racing and usually ends in a shopping cart full of items even when I had no intentions of shopping for yet more lingerie. And so ensues, the almost painful process of removing the items I will have to learn to love and leave, only to return another day to repeat the same process when my credit card has sufficiently recovered!

It was a great relief to recently discover a huge range of everything sexy, feminine and down-right ‘feel good’ underwear from, where all of their lingerie is reasonably priced, of fantastic quality and most importantly, far better suited to my budget. stocks everything from bras to stockings, thongs, g-strings, masquerade masks, clubwear, wigs and everything in between. All of which are available in every size, colour and material you could wish for, so there’s no excuse for not putting together an outfit that will make you look and feel as glamorous and sexy as you dare!

The prices on are very reasonable and seriously good value in my experience, judging by my purchases so far, the most recent being the ‘Lovely in Lace Corset’ from the extensive range of corsets currently available.

For some time I had been on the look out for a black corset to wear under a figure hugging, formal day dress over a pair of black hold up stockings. It wasn’t difficult to find more than a few corsets on various websites that interested me and suited the outfit I was planning on wearing it with but I was unconvinced, and hesitant to take a chance on ordering since the prices were quite expensive in most cases and to my mind, not worth taking the chance on given that I couldn’t try them on first.
Being a size 8 and of otherwise modest proportions, well tailored corsets that fit comfortably and enhance my figure rather than draw attention to the bits I am trying to hide can be very difficult to find. And so, I was relieved to find the ‘Lovely in Lace’ corset for only $56.95 on and carefully reviewed the images, descriptions and customer comments in the hope that my search was over.

I ordered, and Yandy delivered!-in every respect. My gorgeous, lace and satin corset arrived in a gift bag delicately lined with soft tissue paper, folded neatly as to not bend the bones and with the added bonus of a free gift enclosed, in my case a cute, black lace thong with a cute bow detail to the front. I was so apprehensive putting it on as I have so often been disappointed but was delighed to find, on wearing it for the first time, it didn’t ‘gape’ around the bust, the ribs and clasps didn’t pinch or poke me when I moved and the overall fit was one I could comfortably wear all night. The ‘Lovely in Lace’ corset is a black, wire boned, beautiful satin and lace corset with adjustable and removable straps. It perfectly hugs my figure so elegantly extends just below my hips, with an adjustable garter belt attached. It’s fastened with eye and hook clasps all the way up the front and is laced up the back which makes the whole corset easily adjustable to any body size or shape.

This particular lace corset comes in sizes small, medium, large, XL and plus, so you are sure to find a size the fits your figure perfectly, particularly given the amount of adjustments you can make once the garment is on. I ordered size small and couldn’t be happier with the overall fitting once I had spent a bit of time adjusting everything to my particular body shape. It would even be suitable for a size 10 figure because of the laced up back. It makes my figure look and feel more streamlined and toned, elongating my torso and almost sculpting my hips to a perfect curve. The satin part from the rib cage down makes your stomach appear flawlessly flat. It took a bit of effort and experimanting with adjustments to acheive the perfect form but I have worn it on numerous ocassions now under a lot of different outfits, from formal evening wear to more casual, every-day outfits and I can’t express how amazing and irresistible I feel every time! Perfect for a night out, no matter what the ocassion, and, I find, even better for a night in 😉

Ladies black leather thigh boots from

Thigh Boots from Arollo

Sophisticated and sexy, these leather thigh boots are fit for a queen

Thigh boots have always been one of my favourite fashion statements and form an extensive part of my footwear and boots collection. Currently, I am the proud keeper of 19 fabulous pairs of thigh-highs in a variety of styles, finishes and luxurious materials, but, without exception, always in black! These featured boots are my most recent acquisition, a fabulous pair of thigh-high boots from Arollo. This pair I received as a gift – I dare say, I couldn’t have chosen better myself.

Selected carefully to suit my somewhat quirky style, they come from Arollo’s aptly named ‘Queen’ range. They are a full leather boot consisting of a cream leather sole with hand-stitched, matching cream trim perched gracefully atop a 5″ heel. They have a rounded toe and deliver a really comfortable fit for such a high boot.
As I have mentioned in a previous post, my lower legs and thighs are not quite as slender as I would like to imagine, but these boots fit my legs exceptionally well and create a gorgeous, elongated and perfectly toned look to my legs, filling me with a sense of confidence and sexiness the moment I slip them on.

I have to admit, the uppers have a tendency to droop slightly as I walk, making it necessary to adjust them frequently, although it’s rarely a cause for any real inconvenience on a night out. They reach a little beyond the half way point up my thighs when worn over stockings or tights, and when worn over skinny jeans, reach an inch or two lower, but always sufficiently high above the knee that the overall look is never compromised.

At €340 (about $380), they are not exactly low-cost, but, to my mind, thigh boots of this kind of quality are well worth the investment. Arollo Boots are based in Austria and you will need to pay for shipping on top of the purchase price. My boots took less than a week to arrive and came nicely packaged in a flat boot box. The service provided by Arollo boots was second to none and I was particularly impressed when I received a follow up email some days after the boots had arrived, checking that all was well and I was happy with my new footwear. I haven’t yet had many occassions to wear these boots out but, with a music event coming up soon, I have in mind to try them over plain black tights under a black dress, a cropped leather jacket and perhaps a statement piece of silver neckwear.

You are sure to find a style to match your taste and even if you find some of the images on their site just a little risque, I find that only serves to inspire!

Arollo Boots have a great selection of thigh boots to choose from, check out their website or Instagram feed for style inspiration. You are sure to find a style to match your taste and even if you find some of the images on their site just a little risque, I find that only serves to inspire! Thigh-high boots can be much more than a fashion statement after all.

These are indeed, beautifully styled and well made leather boots and it’s really all about how you choose to wear them. Dress them well and you’ll be filled with a sense of style and confident sexiness that makes you look like you’ve just stepped off a catwalk.

I would rate these particular boots 4.5 out of 5 as I love the style, quality and how they make me feel when I wear them, though I’d love if they were a little easier to keep in place without the need to keep pulling them up. But hey, maybe I should just spend more gym time working on my thighs

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