Matsu ladies leather gloves worn by Miss Black Sole

Winter Gloves

My love of gloves began as a young teen on seeing a lady driving one of my favourite sports cars, a beautiful, 3 series BMW convertible ,in my beloved black of course. She was wearing a pair of black leather driving gloves and stylish sunglasses. She looked truly gorgeous and very confident.

Soon after, I bought myself a lovely black pair of driving gloves with accenting cream trim, although I was still missing the sports car!

Since then, every year when the winter evenings are beginning to close in, I go hunting for the seasons must-have gloves. This year I found Matsu Gloves online. I wasted no time in ordering the Women’s Half-Palm Lambskin Leather Driving Gloves for $23.99. Not expecting much, because of the low prices, I was happily surprised when they arrived.

Firstly the packaging was so pretty on its own. A silver chrome folded holder, with a matte black business card enclosed with my gloves. Really attractive and exciting to all women I’d imagine!

The gloves are a perfect fit. I chose cropped gloves which I’ve never had before, I usually go for long and detailed ones. I ordered size small even though I have long fingers I have quite slender hands. They are fleece lined so very warm and comfortable. Not bulky leather or badly stitched at all, which I really don’t like when it comes to gloves. They have been worn a lot, by which I mean 4 times a week since last October and have stood the test of time and general wear and tear really well. Since then I have ordered presents of gloves from Matsu for my boyfriend, friends, myself and, most recently my Instagram competition winner.

I have found you can customise and create any gloves! I have to give 5 stars to Matsu Gloves. Quick delivery, extra reasonably priced, cannot fault their fabulous products and uber cool packaging. I want the whole glove-loving world to know about them!

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